About Deni

About Deni

Oh, the lessons I've learned over the years.

My spiritual and personal relationships have grown by leaps and bounds, and continue to do so. I have chosen to see the good in all things, including....pain. There are no accidents, so it's important to think, 'What do I do with this? How can I use this experience to encourage others?' This has become my way of viewing life and life lessons.

With my husband of 40 years (Woo-Hoo!), our daughters, my son from my previous marriage and a large extended family...I'm old enough to have plenty of life experiences behind me, and wise enough to know that each one can be a lesson, a step, a victory.

Steps take time. Victory takes time. 


I had suffered for years with chronic pain.

Being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 8th grade, then developing back pain from a car accident in high school, I did my best to live a “normal” life. But at the core of my being, I knew God created me for movement. Finally, I sought to learn as much as I could about how the body was designed to move, and how our mindset would impact our ability to carry that out. This was hard. But actively taking these steps...changed my life.

God healed my body of arthritis. Then He allowed me to take everything I learned and create a program for myself, which took my back from chronic pain to  pain-free. This was the start of my entrepreneurship in the health and fitness arena. I wanted to help others move through life the way they were designed to move...in spite of physical and emotional pain. But I didn’t stop there. I was on a mission.


You see, after another chronic pain bout with nerve damage in my right buttock and leg, I had to seek even more extensive help with chronic pain. And after this extensive treatment at the Shealy Institute for Chronic Pain and Depression Rehabilitation (wow…and I didn’t know I was depressed!), I was invited on staff as exercise therapist!

During my almost 4 years of work there, what was confirmed for me was that in all life areas, your mindset is key. You can either have movement in an area of your life, or be trapped or even paralyzed. Cool thing is, we get to choose! YOU get to choose! No matter what happens to, for, or through you in life, you choose your mindset. Your mindset determines how you’ll cross each of life’s bridges.


I saw this in myself. I saw this with patients and clients.

I’m still on a mission, but in a bigger more impactful way. I’m here to get the message out on as many levels as I can. Face your bridge. Look ahead from a glass half-full perspective. Walk that out as who you truly are. Take every step in gratitude...first. Have FUN along the way. Live abundantly and JOY-fully on the other side!


Using my years of education, unique training, crazy-good experiences, and many life lessons…I always believe, am committed to live, and I'm inspired to coach clients with a "glass half-full" perspective and my "Simple Step Solutions” approach.


Believing that change begins in your mind, I say I'm "training the mind to train the body" to not just DO, but to BE.

I love working closely with female (and male) entrepreneurs, executives and professionals, partnering with and supporting them to face their next level or life area as a bridge. It’s a means to the other side. Together we clarify what that looks like, who they can be in the process, and take the Simple Step Solutions, one at a time, to cross over into a lifestyle they LOVE!


My clients experience life-changing results.


Last session was my favorite so far. I had a breakthrough emotionally and I have held on to that all week. It has been a hard week at times. So much is going on that is hard around me which I tend to "wear". But I have tried to keep to the truth of who God says I am and who God says He is.

I HAVE worked hard and all of my hard work is NOT invalidated or erased because of feeling bad for one day. or one hour... Thank you!

- Shannon


How can I help you?

Let’s explore that with a complimentary Bridge to Breakthrough chat. I’ll have you complete a short form, so when we meet up on the call, we’ll be set to go. We’ll get clear on the bridge, or life transformation/transition, you’re facing, stuck on, or in the process of crossing. Together we’ll explore JOYous possibilities for you, and outline the first next-steps toward your breakthrough. You’ll walk away with a new perspective, clarity, JOYous possibilities, next steps...and have fun in the process. You IN?


Book your Bridge to Breakthrough chat HERE


I look forward to supporting you! 


Onward and Upward!



Keep giving me "truth in love," God's really pressing on me to let go of false beliefs I've picked up along the way and it's VERY uncomfortable, and my reflex is to run away and hide. I wish there was another way around this, other than having to walk right through it. I’m so glad you’re here to walk with me. 

- Lisa


I revisited the seven levels deep exercise and felt much more at ease with it and came to a conclusion that my 'why' is: I want to be tuned into life again, to experience the joy of living and to be exactly what I want to attract in friendships and possibilities.

I started out thinking of self-sufficiency as a goal for income, physical strength and ability. All of that is important but even more important Is our ability to live strong in the moment and stay present to each moment of living. Now is where our strength is found. Without that awareness, there is no foundation for what we are seeking. With the awareness of living in the moment, we were able to direct our intentions with our internal guidance and create the journey that takes us to the level of self-sufficiency that is needed and desirable. 

- Donna


I call this success: I now remind myself to be gracious with myself in learning these new thought patterns (we’re working on) and how this all carries over into every area of my life; and how HIS mercies are new every morning. And again, that walking this out daily, I can make mistakes but to keep walking. I now remind myself I'm making progress. I'm not paralyzed into non-action. I'm still moving ahead, and I celebrate that. 

- Linda Foster


You are nailing it! The right combination of truth and love. Amazing! I love it because it means I can trust what you say. The humor is good for me too. 😉 

- D. Parks



Deni is committed to helping others see the "glass half-full" to be ready to uplevel their life and receive all that is in store for them for life-changing results. She is the Founder and Host of ChatZ From the Bridge, her radio show and podcast that takes listeners to a breakthrough bridge, and gives them tips to cross over.

Deni was seen on the past TV series, "To Life" with Dr. Kenneth Cooper, as the fitness expert demonstrating exercises and giving great tips on fitness. She has been featured on local news and local and national radio, as well as newspapers and trade magazines.

When Deni isn’t working, she’s creating…connections, friendships, graphics, journals, and music. She loves movement (exercise), bridges, benches, fresh air, and random rain showers. Oh, and popcorn! Anything forensics has become a “must watch” on TV, and you might find her in a movie that makes her laugh, cry, or grip her seat.

As a volunteer, Deni has served over many years in her local church in a variety of leadership areas: Women’s Ministry, Guest Experience, Equip Classes. Recently relocating to Colorado, she is connected and volunteering once again, in her local church...she joined the choir. Deni has sung (writing, recording, performing) since a very early age.

She is a speaker and facilitator, passionate about helping others explore and claim their identity, then declare and step into their life mission and vision.

She says, "Love God. Love people. Simple."



Deni’s certifications include:


Certified Marketing Planner Coach
- Market Like A Nerd


Certified Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist
- DigitalMarketer