ALIGN Lifestyle Coaching Paths

What is ALIGN?

ALIGN is about defining and bringing into agreement AND alignment, who you were created to be, where you want to go, and how you live that out every day. ALIGN is about deepening your journey in every area of your life. It’s about inspired Simple Step Solutions for adjustments and on-purpose actions, to improve your overall response to life for success on your personal journey. Forget about balance. Think...alignment.

In the physical body, when there is misalignment at a joint, there is less blood flow, and therefore, less oxygen...and life. There may or may not be pain right away, but typically there is a degree of  discomfort. After a while, with the unnatural wear and tear that takes place from the misalignment, there can be unbearable pain, permanent damage, even a permanent structural shift.


I believe it's the same with our life and life areas. If things are not in alignment, there may or may not be pain right away, but typically there is a degree of  discomfort. After a while, with the unnatural wear and tear that takes place from the misalignment, there can be unbearable pain, permanent damage, even a permanent structural shift.

Hurts just thinking about it, doesn't it?

Here's what ALIGN is all about. Releasing, relaxing, discovering and redefining; allowing, receiving, realigning and...BEING!

Makes you smile just thinking about it, doesn't it?

And just like the body, the better aligned your life is, the more blood and oxygen flow through. The stronger and more stable it can be, AND the better the movement...forward. There is LIFE!

Knowing and being confident in who you are, and what you bring to life’s table, puts you in optimal alignment to face and experience life from a healthy perspective. You will then step forward and lead from a position of strength with confidence. This all begins and moves progressively forward with a step-by-step approach of mindset, words, beliefs, choices and habits of action.

These 12-month coaching paths allow you to do this with an ally, a confidant, a bridge, so to speak, that takes you through a safe place to stand, reflect, acknowledge, dream, plan and then begin the steps to keep moving to the other side.

Simple Step Solutions to your biggest challenges, and stepping confidently onward and upward past fear, doubt and procrastination, will get you there.

The ALIGN Lifestyle Coaching Paths were designed for just that. There is the ALIGN Immersion Coaching Path, and the ALIGN Transformation Coaching Path


Both coaching paths include:

  • A path that allows ample time and room to begin to fully live who you were created to be at your next level.
  • Coaching sessions typically within the first three weeks of the month to allow time for processing, application and catching up.
  • ALIGN Immersion VIP Day! - You can schedule this VIP Day any time during your journey. Use it for a jump start, concentrated effort for a deadline or special goal, OR to close out your coaching path!
  • Call Strategy tool that helps you prepare for each call, and helps me confirm our direction, with the freedom to make changes if needed, based on where you are that time.
  • Post-Session Recap tool for immediate accountability and insight, and to enhance and anchor the benefits of your recent coaching session.
  • Online Private Client Log to create a "journaling" of your journey, challenges, questions, breakthroughs, successes and celebrations.  This also allows for "in between" coaching when you need it.
  • Private Client Portal that keeps everything we do organized in one place for your convenience.
  • Additional Resources – Any exercises, tools, templates, etc, for added benefit on your coaching path. 
  • Complimentary or special pricing for any additional programs during your journey.

The ALIGN Transformation Coaching Path, also includes my Lifestyle Nutrition and Fitness for Life 12-month program!

This allows you to spend concentrated effort on your health and well-being. It includes lifestyle and nutrition lessons, habits to practice, and workouts designed for your best results. We won't need to worry about that area of your lifestyle. The ALIGN Transformation Coaching Path has you covered!


But wait! There's more!

The ALIGN Immersion VIP Day! Yes, you can experience a deep dive into the ALIGN Immersion during this 1-day, private virtual or in person focus with me for FAST results! Get the details HERE.


Which path is right for you?

Let’s explore that with a complimentary Bridge to Breakthrough chat. I’ll have you complete a short form, so when we meet up on the call, we’ll be set to go.

  • We’ll get clear on the bridge, or life challenge you’re facing, stuck on, or in the process of crossing.
  • Together we’ll explore JOYous possibilities for you, and outline the first next-steps toward your breakthrough.
  • We'll also determine which ALIGN Lifestyle Coaching Path is the best for your journey right now for the FAST results you desire.
  • You’ll walk away with a new perspective, clarity, JOYous possibilities, next steps...and have fun in the process.

It's time for your ALIGN Lifestyle! You can schedule a Bridge to Breakthrough chat for your ALIGN Lifestyle Coaching Path HERE.