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 I'm so excited for the possibility of our ChatZ!


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I like to have fun while going deep in conversations. I call these...ChatZ.

I also love bridges, as they stand for SO many things for me:

  • protection
  • direction
  • pausing
  • resting
  • reflection
  • gratefulness
  • vision

And so, many times when I'm talking with people, I visualize us having our conversation on a bridge. What does that mean to me? What could it mean to them?

From this concept, I have created a radio station to have my ChatZ From the Bridge. Would you care to chat? If so, please complete your information below. You will then be taken to the application to be a guest on my show! I will personally contact you within 24 hours for next steps if selected.

I'm so excited for the possibility of our ChatZ!