Support Services and Do-It-Yourself Programs

TRIAGE Solution

We will explore the one area of your life that makes sense to address right now. Together we will pull back your biggest challenges so you can define your "bridge ability" for the outcome, and next steps.

You will receive:

  • one 90-min Zoom call so we are head-down and hands-on for your best results
  • any worksheets or templates used or needed during the session AND for your forward movement
  • two weekly post-TRIAGE checkins (15-min Impact calls) for support and accountability for commitments and actions
  • private online log for communication and support through the two weeks post-TRIAGE

We'll define who you can be in this area, and you will walk away with your Simple "next" Step Solutions for the direction you need to go, and support for your forward movement. 

This confidence will bring you the most JOY at this time, and the greatest impact. Be prepared for this to flow into other areas of your life as well!

If, after our time together, you desire to keep moving forward with me for implementation and accountability, a deeper level or another can apply this investment toward a full coaching program purchased within the next 2 weeks, post-TRIAGE. How cool is that?

750.00 USD

Stress Relief PERSONAL Retreat

Welcome to your opportunity to practice calm! With both physical and downloadable tools, you will.

This personal retreat will allow you to get the tips, tools, and techniques that we know work. 

You'll have the opportunity to try them out, in the moment, decide what works best for you, and feel confident moving forward.

We'll help you along, and allow you the chance to then create your own personal Stress Relief Action Plan. Yep...on the spot.

Take this time. Pull away. Relieve stress. Practice calm.

297.00 USD