Personal Note

We're so close to Thanksgiving! If you're in the US, then you know that this time of year sort of gets skipped over. WHY? People are so excited about getting gifts, that they forget to stop and...give thanks.

This saddens me. I know that people give gifts at Christmas too, but there's the thought and mindset of giving a gift and expecting something. Not everyone. Not every time. But mostly.

We can give thanks for what was and what is, without expectations. Sure, we can hold hope for more to come, but the focus at the time is simple. Reflection is a HUGE part of that. It's a bridge thing.

Being thankful for you, I have been thinking about all of the ways, with all of the things, that I could say "thank you" this season. I know. I'm over-thinking it. Let me start by just saying...

Thank you!

Today's Awareness

Most of the time when we think about our health, we think in terms of what we eat, what we drink, how much we exercise, maybe our medical records, right? LOL But we rarely think about our health being related to what we think about. 

If this is not something you consider regularly, I encourage you to start. Start by really digging deep into the idea that your thoughts, your attitude, and your mental tone have an incredible amount of power over your health. Not kidding.

The best place to start is with gratitude.  We all have something to be grateful for, so it's the perfect place to begin.  Shall we?


Here’s why gratitude is so essential to your health...

1. It boosts feelings of satisfaction

Show your gratitude by putting it in writing. Get out your Thank You cards and start writing. Write them to your kids, maybe one of their “favorite” teachers. Write one to your parents, to your spouse, your best friend. Send one to your pastor, or mentor, maybe even your coach. Writing letters of gratitude will ensure you feel good inside and out. Yes, the act of writing is the way you'll be spreading those good feelings to those you're writing to.

I tend to rotate sending cards to family, friends, clients. That personal touch means a lot after so much texting and client logs.

2. It builds relationships

This one is an extension of the first. Find ways to weave in expressing gratitude for those things people do for you that you appreciate. Even if it's not directly FOR you, if you see it or hear about it…let them know. Express your gratitude. It will motivate them to keep doing more, and it will reduce your stress by seeing the good in things…in people.

I love giving that gentle whisper of, "I sure do appreciate you," to the cashier, barista, or even when greeting someone with a hug.

3. It helps your mental wellness

Taking a moment to be thankful for the things you have despite the challenges is good for your mental health and well-being. Sometimes it can be hard to see the good things in life, so keep a journal if necessary and write things down. When you feel low, unaccomplished, or just plain tired, you can flip through it and find something to smile about. As an added bonus, it boosts more than your mood by increasing energy levels too.

The other day, when packing up my past journals, I found a very small one that I had carried in my purse for a while. There was a note I had made of random sayings (mostly mistakes!) while we were on a road trip. It was hilarious! It sort of took the edge of of packing.

4. You’ll sleep better

When you find things to be grateful for instead of focusing on the negativity, it allows your mind to relax. This can lead to better sleep. Try writing a gratitude list before you go to bed to use this power to your advantage so you can fall asleep faster.

One of the last things I do each night that really helps me is texting my children love, prayers, encouragement, or a simple goodnight each night. 

5. It can help you with your exercise too

With recognition for things that you’re grateful for, you feel happier. Feeling happier gives you more energy. Having more energy will keep you feeling good about your workouts too.  Sometimes the only thing we need is the motivation to START the workout, and a positive attitude helps get you there.

I'm always reflecting on the time when I couldn't exercise, and being grateful that I had a mind and desire to return to physical activity. And then of course, when I did.


In Conclusion

Feeling grateful is huge. Expressing gratefulness is even bigger. Sharing it is…well…the way to live life. Now, don't mistake this for feeling like you have to be positive 24/7.  In reality…that’s not going to happen. Other emotions are real, necessary, and deserve to be acknowledged. By all means, feel your feelings but don’t hang out with the negative ones. Healthily work through them -- choosing to practice gratitude daily will positively shift things.

Let's start practicing now!

Hit reply and let me know one thing you're grateful for today. It can be as big or as small as you want -- nothing is off limits.

Can't wait to hear from you!


Ready Resource

Oh my gosh! Today's resource is a little ebook I put together for you. To receive it, all you have to do is request it! It's called Pumpkin Perks. It's all about...pumpkin! It's a beautiful resource that covers the health benefits of pumpkin, and then I give you a few cooking tips WITH a couple of recipes! I know! You can request yours HERE.



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Should I offer it as a Black Friday or Cyber Monday special? Hmmm.

N Joy!


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