Personal Note

It was a rainy day, all day Saturday, and I loved it! It got a bit stormy for a couple of hours. and I loved it! I know. Are you that way?

It rained off and on during the night too, which was really awesome.

Sunday morning, before our online church service, hubby and I went out for one of our now, Sunday morning walks. Hubby “bet” the first bridge would be flooded. I didn’t think it would be, but we were both confident the second one would, because it’s a “low crossing” bridge.

The first one was totally passable, but you could tell the water had flooded over it, because of the twigs that had settled on top of it afterward. The second bridge surprised us both. Not only was it flooding over, but to a degree we had not seen before. One of the large trees on the bank was totally uprooted, obviously from the repeated flooding, and it just couldn’t take it anymore. Its roots were no longer covered, protected, or cared for, and it just…gave…way.

I feel ya, my tree friend! I made a statement on Friday, after a super hard “flooding” day for me personally, that I was celebrating with a boat-load of gratitude that I have the spiritual, emotional, and physical endurance to get through days like that!

When so much just keeps coming at you, washing over you…so fast and hard…you pray you won’t be uprooted. What does take?

Nutrients. Providing nourishment. The process of nourishing...across your life.

Between the storms of life, we must sustain ourselves with what is necessary for life, health, and growth. We must cherish the memories and foster a mindset that helps us keep our hope alive. It’s critical that we strengthen our bodies and our faith, build up our courage and our resilience, and promote those things that keep us grounded, yet moving onward and upward.

We started this journey of You Need Nutrients Across Your Life, by first considering your mind. Addressing your thoughts is the first step of the nourishing process for your mind.  Now, obviously, there are other ways to provide nutrients to your mind than journaling, but I trust you see it as "a" way that is simple and doable.

(If you missed Part 1, you can access it HERE.)

We talked about checking in with ourselves, acknowledging our thoughts, and doing something with them. And it’s this “doing something with them” that must also take on the process of nourishing them…the ones that bring us life, health and growth. The ones that strengthen and build us, and others, up.  

In this series, we’re looking at the nutrients needed across your life.

And that brings us to…


Today's Awareness



The next area that needs nutrients, is your body. Typically, that’s the only place we think about nourishment. But the body is only one of 3 “umbrellas” that need nourishment: mind, body, spirit.

Now, maybe you’re one who thinks of nourishing your body by trying to eat healthier, or trying to eat fully healthy, balancing your diet, or even trying to follow the ever-changing, and often conflicting advice of nutritional specialists, medical professionals, media, friends, family, trainers, and everything in between. Whew! That's exhausting! 

Where do you fall on that continuum?

But we don't stop there. Add to that complication, we often go on to choose our diet (the way we eat) based on things like:

  • calories
  • natural ingredients
  • low  or high fat
  • low or high carbs
  • "something"-free
  • a name
  • a fad
  • copy-cat methods based on somebody else's choices

You name it, there’s probably a diet around it! You’ve probably been on one…or two…or…yeah.

But in all our efforts of avoiding the things that we believe we should NOT consume – sometimes we forget to think about the things that we SHOULD consume.


What a shift in perspective, right?

And while “nourishing your body” is like, a no-brainer, with all the information out there, it can be overwhelming!

I’m SO not about overwhelm! I’m about simplicity. I’m all about Simple Step Solutions! Right?

So, what does going through that door of information "simply" look like?


Since we're on the topic of food, although it's not the only thing our bodies need for a nourishing process, I'll spend most of our time there, and hit on other things. 

I'm sure you know, our bodies need and get a variety of nutrients from our food. They all fall under either macro-nutrients, needed in larger amounts (water, protein, carbohydrates and fats), or micro-nutrients, needed in smaller amounts (vitamins and minerals).

I will note that “smaller amounts” does NOT mean less important. Because deficiencies in micro-nutrients can cause major issues and poor health.

Male or female, there are certain nutrients that your bodies need in order to function at it’s fullest, so that you can function at your fullest.

And while I want to address the women more here, men…pay attention. You’ll gain value here too. In fact, after reading this information, ask yourself, “What can this thought of nourishing my body have me to choose to do differently for myself going forward?” Cool?

Moving on…

Today, I’m going to tell you about a few key nutrients, along with an awareness on how to get more of them…better, by listing foods rich in them, and a special tip.


Here are a few micro-nutrients that women (especially) absolutely need:

Calcium and Magnesium

Women are at a higher risk of osteoporosis than men. Regardless, both calcium and magnesium can decrease your risk of osteoporosis. This is especially important in your twenties and for women over 50. As we age, our bones (naturally) lose density, especially after menopause.

Building healthy bones when you are young will help maintain bone density as you age, PLUS calcium and magnesium will also help prevent increased loss when you are older.

Rich Foods: sesame seeds, almonds, yogurt, leafy greens like collard and kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, milk, and fish

Another way to nourish your body in this area of bone density, is through resistance or strength training! Strength training is recommended 2-3x/week to get the best gains overall. It doesn’t have to be extreme to get benefits…just like our eating, right? Be sure and check with your doctor before starting or changing your exercise program.


Vitamin D

Our bodies need healthy levels of Vitamin D in order to properly absorb and process calcium. Vitamin D also increases bone health with its own attributes. Yay for the D!

Rich Foods: cheese, egg yolk, milk/soy milk fortified with Vitamin D, fatty fish

Another way to nourish your body with this nutrient is by spending time OUT in the midday sun, when the UVB rays are the strongest. Be sure and check with your doctor for specific instructions because where you live, and your skin color makes a difference.

Now if you can do “impact” exercise, like walking or jogging out in the fresh air, sun or no…you’ll truly nourish your body for realz. Be careful exercising in the sun for long periods of time. Cool? Okay.


Folate or Folic Acid

This nutrient is especially important for pregnant women. A folate-rich diet can prevent certain birth defects. 

Rich Foods: bananas, beans, rice, cereals, spinach and other dark leafy greens, asparagus, peanuts, chickpeas, and fortified whole grains

Be sure and check with your doctor on any food changes during pregnancy, and be mindful of any side affects to foods you would normally be able to eat.

As a supplement, this nutrient has been shown to help fight depression, AND increase the response to antidepressant treatments (being deficient has been linked to a poor response).

And guys, this nutrient is huge for helping with heart disease prevention, so…take heart. 😉



Women are at a higher risk for anemia than men. This risk can increase during pregnancy. An iron rich diet or an iron supplement increases the amount of red blood cells that your body produces and improves blood health. We are able to get iron from both plants and animals, so that’s pretty cool.

Rich Foods: meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, and dark, leafy vegetables

Another way to get iron, is by lifting weights. Get it? Iron? Okay…that was bad. But, high intensity and endurance type exercisers (like some athletes) can bring need for more iron, because these extremes actually can cause some iron loss. So…if that’s you, again …be sure and check with your doctor, and keep tabs on your iron levels, especially if you are already experiencing anemia.



So, what about supplements for these nutrients?  Check with your doctor!

And remember, supplements are meant to….supplement. Get what you can from what you can eat…first.

Okay, so in essence we covered the two dietary nutrient categories, plus honorable mentions of a few key ones to consider. I also added in the importance of a few other things, like walking, jogging, resistance and strength training, fresh air, and sunshine to nourish your body. And by all means…remember to stay hydrated to allow the body to function optimally at all times. Yeah. That falls under "water."


What's missing?

I did miss one very important ingredient in this nourishing mix. Can you guess it? I’ll give you a hint. 


Yep. Sleep! Lack of sleep is linked to SO many physical and emotional problems. 

In fact, sleep is right up there with eating, drinking, and breathing! This time during which our eyes are closed, and we take a “lights out” rest, our bodies repair themselves. 

< sleep = < repair = > breakdown.

It’s during this time that our brains are able to consolidate our memories.

< sleep = < consolidation = < or scattered memories.

It’s also during this time that our brains area able to process information.

< sleep = < processing = < problem solving, solutions, ideas of greatness!

Sleep matters. 


In Conclusion

Nourishing your body takes a lot. For starters, you need:

  • the right amount of the right foods that bring macro-nutrients and vital micro-nutrients;
  • supplements that add to what we eat (first);
  • movement that builds and conditions us on many levels;
  • fresh air and sunshine (the most natural way to get Vit D);
  • and at the end of the day (pun intended) sleepy time to repair, resolve, and rejuvenate.

Whew! And yes, there's more, but these are the foundational pieces, and if you don't have those in place, be careful building on unstable practices. Just sayin.

But seriously, it really is that simple. Keep it simple. Provide nutrients for your body.


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