Personal Note

As you already know, I am that glass half-full gal. I love looking "on the bright side" of things, thinking positive, feeling upbeat and JOY-full. Even in this time that we are challenged with, I'm finding ways and time to laugh and end every conversation on an up beat. 

My hubby and I have had our shares of frustrations, family illnesses, business challenges, people copping out on good work, keeping simple supplies available, making store runs. You name it! Yesterday we visited 5 stores in one swoop to get what we could. And as I write this, my hubby had an errand to run, so...he'll run by stores again.

With us both being entrepreneurs, we must keep going, keep working. And for me, keep serving and encouraging, coaching, and supporting in spite of how I "feel." hard right now. But we know that God is faithful, and with His help and guidance, with wisdom and common sense, with listening to those in authority, AND praying for them, ourselves and others...we will cross this bridge, and get to the other side...well.

I pray this for you and your family.


Today's Awareness

When your stress is high, or your emotions are running wild, the last thing you want to hear somebody say is, “Stay positive!”

It's easier said than done, in fact, sometimes it’s downright HARD. But research shows that positive emotions are really good for your body.


A positive outlook not only helps in healthy behavior changes, but can actually reduce inflammation in the body and lower the risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis and even overall risk of death.

That being said, staying positive is good advice!

So… How do we “stay positive”, especially during challenging times…like now?

For one, we must understand that life is always going to have positive and negative, happy and sad, good and bad. These can be at varying degrees and lengths.

Next, understand that you are the person who generates your emotions by what you think. So…look to create the positive emotions you want to feel!

Sure, it may be hard to feel excited or cheerful during stressful times, but we can tap into some other emotions - even if just for a few minutes here and there throughout the day.

Here's some with actions to help you “feel” and be them:

💖 Strong – do activities that help you achieve this, i.e. pushups (even from the counter), chores

💖 Proud – stand tall with good posture, as if you’ve just been recognized for your awesomeness

💖 Cheerful – turn on the lights and play some upbeat music, go on and dance!

💖 Calm – lay down and take some deep slow breaths, exhaling fully

💖 Joy – write down or say good things that have happened for you, and look ahead to even more

💖 Love – dig deep and think of ways love has been expressed toward you, and pass it on

💖 Motivation – find and express your “why” for wanting to be healthy and strong, for getting through this

💖 Grateful – write down or say what you are truly grateful for

Can you think of other things?

I recently acquired a picture that says:

“What if you woke up today with only what you thanked God for yesterday.”

Wow. That’s powerful!


In Conclusion

The concept of positivity? Simple. The ability to do it? Eh...for some, it may not be easy at times. I encourage you to, as they say..."give it a go" beginning today. And my all means...pass it on!

It's not my intention to over-simplify or downplay what's going on in the world right now, OR how to live through it. My intention is to do what I've been called to do, and what I do best: inform you, encourage you, support you, help you feel JOY-full.


Now…What is one positive emotion you are choosing to feel and share today?

Yep. Be the chooser.


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N Joy!