It's December 15? Wait...what?

Personal Bite:

So...this happened yesterday afternoon:

Now I know it's not "done" yet, but it's a start. It's my first steps. It's my beginning to an end of JOY and amazement!

But I must confess. The box sat in my living room for days before I finally opened it. I admit...I wasn't looking forward to doing it because I knew I'd be putting it up alone. That didn't excite me much. I just wanted to enjoy the results.

Ha! Isn't that how life is when it comes to our goals?


Today's Awareness

When it comes to our goals, we want to enjoy the results, but not too excited about the process to get us there. And if we have to go it alone....ugh.

But we have to look at the process as an investment. It's time, it's energy...sometimes it's even money. (Well, for some, time IS money, yes?) And we don't want to do that. We. Just. Want. The. Results.

Maybe we're tempted to do something drastic. Yeah...I thought about buying one of those pre-lit trees this year. There are pros and cons to drastic measures. The pre-lit trees...they don't last! I mean, they're great for the moment...maybe two seasons. But what I've heard is that's back to where you were before...or worse.

Nope. For me it's about the process: Move the furniture a bit to create space for what I want; vacuum the floor and dust the baseboard to make the space clean AND to prepare for the time I won't be able to do that while the tree is up; go to the attic, and with the help of my daughter, clear away boxes in front of what I want to get to AND to clear a path to bring it forward; take the box out of the attic and get it down the stairs (we do what makes sense here, and let it slide down while controlling it so it doesn't get out of hand); open the box...then step by step. Branch by branch. Tweak. Rearrange. Fill some gaps. Realign. Preparing for the next steps.

Ha! Isn't that how life is when it comes to our goals?

Enjoying the next steps

There's something about getting the lights on the tree. Tedious. You really need help with this part. You just can't really go as far or see the need for readjustments or celebrations as well when you're alone. With help, this is usually where the laughter starts. The fun begins. You start to see what's possible! Keep going!

Letting the smallest steps add up for you


One by one the ornaments come out of the boxes. Check to see if it needs a hook. Any broken parts? Anything shattered? Display? Pitch? Step by step. These are all such small steps before you even hang it on the tree. But all of these small steps add up when it finally has its place on the tree. Ah. Then another. And another. Letting the smallest steps add up for you means a beautifully lit and decorated tree!

I'm not there yet. Maybe you are. I can't compare my tree to yours, or the efforts or even the smallest steps. You might do yours totally different! But the results we want are the same. A beautifully lit and decorated tree!

It's SO worth all of the time, energy, and even money to get to the end results we want!

And to think...the tree itself isn't even the reason for the season! But if you celebrate Christmas, somehow, the tree is a huge part of the celebration. When we look at the true meaning of Christmas, the tree decorating seems so small. And yet, look what we put into it. And I'm just going to stop with that.

What if you don't celebrate Christmas?

Choose another goal. What are the steps you take to achieve it? Do you let even the smallest steps work for you? Can you celebrate each step taken along the way, keep hangin' in there until you get the results you want? Or do you take drastic measures, only to see that, well...they don't last. And in the end, you're back where you were, or worse.

Same thing. Same. Like I said, it's how life is when it comes to our goals. 


The plateau. Is it the end?

There was one year. I can't even remember when it was. We barely got the tree up, and that was it. Maybe a candle or two. Possibly some Christmas stockings. I don't even remember. The only thing I do remember is that we took a pause in the decorating, and just couldn't get it going again. We finally were like...Okay! This is good enough! The kids won't even notice, right?

Well, I can tell you that there are basically 7 stages of weight loss. And "plateau" is the most difficult stage to go through, and the stage where most people give up.

The plateau is where everything seems to come to a stall. Is it the end?

Your willpower is gone.

You stop losing weight as quickly. Maybe you've missed a few...okay, maybe a lot of strength workouts. It's so easy to give up on yourself when you're feeling tired, alone, and unmotivated. You may even think, "Okay. This is good enough. Will anyone even notice?"

You have two choices:

1.  Give up (again). Ugh.

2.  Go to a place to refuel and keep going!

This is the pivotal moment when the path splits into two choices, and whatever path you choose effects whether you go into "yo-yo" dieting where you will just gain the weight back all over again...

Or it will take you down the path where the journey continues. You'll be able to cross that bridge and achieve your results!

I say, choose a path that offers a bridge! Get the support and help you need to take each step...step by step, task by task, tweak, realign, celebrate! 

So, how does this relate to Christmas?

I'm glad you asked. Your body, your a gift. It's not, like, under a tree or anything. But it's packaged and gifted to you. And it's your, it's your choice to care for it. No shortcuts. No quick fixes that don't last. No plateaus that lead to giving up. Only purposeful, strategic, step-by-step efforts that come from a simple process to achieve the results you want. Health. 

Be stronger as you end this year. I'm talking about in your mind. Be the chooser. Invest in you.

This time next year, as you put up your tree, or set more goals for the coming 12'll do it than you are today. Yes? YES!


Ready Resources

Deni, I'm just going to put this out there again. Options. If you have your nutrition down and it's working, you need the exercise program that will support your efforts and give you the results you need.

Lifestyle Fitness for Life

If you have your exercise programming down and it's working, you need the nutrition that will support your efforts and give you the results you need.

Lifestyle Nutrition for Life

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Lifestyle Nutrition and Fitness for Life

It doesn't matter what your starting point is, the destination is across the bridge. I've teamed up with THE most successful nutrition software program, bar none, to deliver the knowledge you need about your body and foods, and how they work together...or not. We give you simple, small steps to take, every day on a 12-month journey, that is unique to you. You won't go this journey alone, because I am here, as your coach, every step of the way. 

Maybe you've seen the information before, maybe not. So HERE it is again.

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The page shows that it's for women, but I have this program for men as well! (Meaning guys aren't off the hook for nutrition and fitness!) Everything is customized for you! Male, female. Young, not-so-young. Newbie, seasoned. Injury recovery, injury-free. Nagging restriction, restriction-free. Needing to lose weight, wanting to be healthier and stronger. All-the-excuses, ready-willing-able.

You choose. It's up to you because it's FOR you.

Choose your path. I hope it's the one with the bridge. I'll meet you there.

Merry Christmas, Deni! And if you're not celebrating Christmas....Happy Goals!



"Sup with you, Deni? I've not seen you so "salesy" before?"

Actually, this isn't me being salesy, Deni. This is me committed to what God has called me to do. And I'm having FUN! I'm an encourager. A facilitator of change. An ambassador of transformation. A helper of the JOY of others!

It's who I am. 

It's how I roll!

If I DIDn't have something like this to offer and support you through, I couldn't do what I do well, and it would be more difficult and take more time. (Been there. Done that.) If I had it and didn't offer it to you...I'd be doing you a disservice. Cheating you, so to speak.

That's NOT who I am.

And if you don't want to hear about what I do, then...feel free to unsubscribe. It's okay. I'm here to: 1) bring you great information, 2) offer you tips and tools to put the information into action, AND 3) let you know of ways I can support you in your action steps and accountability...across the bridge to results! Tah-dah!

Simple Step Solutions. Yep...that's what I have for you.

N Joy of the Reason for the Season!


P.S. Yes, you can get into any of the Lifestyle programs after this weekend. The special pricing and special bonuses are only through this weekend. Here's that link again with a video for further clarity. I hope you'll choose to partner with me in 2018! I'm here for ya! Woo-hoo!