Personal Note

There's something to be said about what you can (en)vision, what you believe is possible, and what your intentions are. My hubby and I signed the contract for our second house to flip the other day. There's a lot of all three of those that goes into flipping houses, for sure! 

You pull up to a house that looks like...not much. And you immediately must see past the wear, tear, brokenness, abuse...age! You absolutely must begin thinking about what's possible, and what your intentions are for the outcome. 

And then...if you choose to move must take action!

These are the "before" pictures This is going to be such a fun project as we begin to shape the new reality of what we believe is possible, and act on our intentions.


Today's Awareness

In a previous update, we talked about Dreams vs Plans. Once you get these established, the next step is around what you believe, what you truly expect, and the experience that follows.

Studies have repeatedly proven that what we believe we will experience, aka our expectations, has a huge impact on what we actually do experience.

This is where the placebo effect stems from…

Wikipedia defines the placebo effect as “a beneficial effect produced by a placebo drug or treatment, which cannot be attributed to the properties of the placebo itself and must therefore be due to the patient's belief in that treatment.”

Let’s look at how the “placebo effect” and expectations can shape our reality…

In 1962, a Japanese study was done on 13 boys who were hypersensitive to Japanese lacquer leaves. These leaves produce similar reactions of poison ivy.

The researchers told the 13 boys that they would be touched with the poisonous leaves BUT they actually touched their arm with a non-poisonous leaf. All 13 boys showed a skin reaction to these harmless leaves.

Then researchers told the students they would be touched with a “placebo” or harmless leaf on the other arm. Here, they were actually touched on the other arm with the lacquer leaf. Only 2 of the 13 boys touched with the lacquer leaf showed a reaction.

This study shows that the thought and expectation of being touched with a poisonous leaf can bring on a physical reaction.

Here is another interesting study.

Two groups of 15 people read a one-page flyer about the effects of caffeine and were then each given decaffeinated coffee. One group was told that the coffee was decaffeinated and the other group was told it was caffeinated. Participants who were told that they were drinking caffeinated coffee reported greater alertness, showed an increase in diastolic blood pressure, and had an improved reaction time than those who were told (accurately) that the coffee was decaffeinated.

(Source: Expectation, the Placebo Effect and the Response to Treatment

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term and outcome of the placebo effect, and that you’ve also heard many stories. But, what does this mean for us, when we’re not talking about medicine and treatments?

It means and demonstrates the POWER of our minds and beliefs. I’m not talking about “law of attraction” here. I’m saying that what you believe, has the potential and the power to literally shape and change your life.

First: Let's check this out.

Tell yourself something that you want to happen. No, for real. Right now.

For example: “I will be a positive role model for my children.”  “I will be someone who goes to the gym regularly.” “I will make healthy nutrition choices each day.” “I will do things that encourage and support others.”

Repeat it 5 times out loud. No, for real!

Next: Figure out a way to make it happen.

Oh…you didn’t think it would just magically happen, did you? No responsibility on your part. No action. No accountability.


But if you actually figure out a way to start “walking” in that direction, or living as if…

Soon you’ll be saying: “I AM a positive role model to my children.” I AM someone who goes to the gym regularly.” I AM making healthy nutrition choices each day.” “I AM doing things that encourages and supports others.”

If you’re brave enough, start with the “I AM” statements, vs the “I will be” statements. Either way, make it happen.

Next: Rock that!


In Conclusion

Once your mind decides you can do something, you will start finding ways to get there. And believe me, the reverse is also true. Once your mind decides you canNOT do something…you will start finding ways (excuses) to NOT get there. (For a step-by-step process that goes deeper, see Resources below.)

What’s possible for you? What thoughts are you believing for yourself, based on the intentions and plans we talked about previously?

I really want to know! Click Reply and share them with me. I’d love to stand in agreement with you this year!

You have the potential to have an Uh-Mae-Zing and powerful 2020!

You have the potential to have an Uh-Mae-Zing and powerful LIFE!

Next: Get after it!

We are!


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