Personal Note

(The following times are approximate.)

When I went to the gym in the complex yesterday, I was all alone. Twenty-five minutes into my cardio, a gentleman came in and did a warmup on the treadmill. He then moved on to his strength training, and I switched to my 3rd piece of cardo. I like to mix it up.

Fifteen minutes later, I moved on to my strength training, so we “danced around” as we shared the common space with the weights and other resistance equipment. We kept smiling…while sweating.

Ten minutes later, in came another gentleman, who went straight to his strength training. It was interesting to see how the three of us managed to maneuver our way around and share the space and weights. It was like, we were a team, yet doing our own thing. I had on weight gloves, and we all three used sanitizer wipes as we moved from one piece of equipment to another.

The first gentleman left when as I was completing my last few exercise rotations. The second gentleman was still going strong.

As I moved on to foam rolling and stretching, I could tell the second gentleman was winding down as well. Cleaning up my area, I said to him, “It’s amazing what we’re willing to do to look and feel good, isn’t it?”

“It sure is,” he replied.

“But we’re also working to be healthy, and that sure feels good.”

“Yes, ma’am…it does,” he said, smiling at me in the mirror. “Have a good weekend,” he nodded, about to do another set of seated shoulder presses.

“You, too, sir.”


Today's Awareness

Data shows that people tend to gain nearly 80% of their annual weight gain (3 to 7 lbs) between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.

It can be HARD to find the time (and the desire) to work out and eat healthy during the busy holiday season.

I am here to say you do NOT need to do hours of mindless cardio and excessively cut calories or carbs to maintain or lose weight. Instead, focus on workouts that stimulate lean muscle growth, such as bodyweight or resistance training exercises. Aim for shorter, higher intensity workouts during this busy time.

The 80/20 rule is a simple and perfect “rule” to follow when it comes to choosing to eat healthy and whole foods.

80% of the time = Whole foods

20% of the time = Processed foods (fave Christmas cookies, Grandma’s pies, etc.)

This allows for eating in moderation without overly obsessing about calorie counting or restriction. Focusing on a diet of wholesome foods is crucial and a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to weight loss and maintenance.

When we overeat sugar, drink too much alcohol, or consume too many processed foods, it can result in bouts of anxiety, lethargy, and/or other negative emotions. Being aware of this can help you avoid unhealthy food choices.

So tell me...are you ready to maintain, and not gain weight this holiday season?


In Conclusion 

🚀 Learning to fuel your body at the right times and for the right reasons is essential - and so much more important than counting calories. 🚀

By focusing on eating mostly whole foods and moving your body as often as you can, you’ll be able to maintain the amazing progress you’ve made throughout the year and still enjoy the holiday season. 🎄


Ready Resource

I have a gift for you! I've put together a Healthy Holiday Survival Guide just for you. It's a super cool flip book. 

You can view the full guide HERE, and if you like it, feel free to use the download link available there. 




Sometimes for us to uplevel, we must...uplevel. I recently upgraded to uplevel my Nutrition Coach certification content. Why? Aside from knowing and having access to the latest information, I will also now be using a new tool to generate an important calorie, macro and portion guide like no other! This guide will be personalized for you. Still not a diet, but a way of eating that is a Simple Step Solution to your nutrition overwhelm. Oh...that's good!

With your Personalized Nutrition Report, you'll learn how to:

  • Eat the right amount of food at each meal
  • Easily judge the portion sizes that are right for your body and goals
  • Choose foods based on your eating preferences
  • Track your food intake and stay consistent
  • Build your daily menu using the sample meal ideas
  • Make adjustments for continual results

Is that cool, or what?

Of course, you have to be "that" kind of person, wanting and willing to follow that kind of information. But for many who are stuck, and really want a guide to success, this is it.

I always teach portion sizes. In this new guide, you'll get both macros and portion sizes. You get to choose which works best for any time, and I'll show you how. Another bonus to this, you'll learn how to make adjustments so you're always moving forward.


Keep watching!

Coming in 2020: 

  • New, shorter programs to zero in on specific results to suit your needs.
  • Group coaching to access affordable support and community.
  • Membership to have access to a steady flow of lifestyle information, tools, "challenges", and FUN stuff at your fingertips all year! 

Next week, I will invite you to stay on my list of important peeps to receive regular communication, tips, gifts, and opportunities all year long for your best lifestyle. If that's you, stay tuned. You'll have an opportunity to "opt in" for a special gift for 2020, and at will get you started.

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I want to be in touch with the people that...want to be in touch.  Is that you?

N Joy!