First, and foremost, I want to acknowledge and send prayers to those who are living daily with the fires and impact of the fires on the west coast, including the loss of loved ones. Know that there are people all over the world, holding you and your families UP in prayer, good thoughts, and virtual hugs. We stand with you.

Personal Note

Well, the Cowboys played their first game Sunday night. It was a good game, and it was close. While we didn’t win the game, we do have winners.

I was so saddened to learn that our star quarterback, Dak Prescott, like many others, has suffered with anxiety and depression during these times of lockdown and isolation. Add to that…his brother committed suicide in April. He struggled, like for real, with taking care to condition himself for football, and do the “things” he knows to do to be ready for the season.

And yet, somehow, he finally found the strength and courage to show up. He encourages us to not sit in isolation and try to deal with our struggles alone. He says that “this” has shown him how open we have to be.

Oh, how great the stresses of our lives sometimes. Oh, how difficult it is to plow through with grace and gratitude, with energy and good health. Oh, how challenging it is to come out on the other side….even for a moment, and feel good enough to show up. To function.

This young man was determined to be public about his struggles because, well, he knows that so many others are going through similar, if not the same types of situations! And he’s right!

We’re not in this alone. You’re not in this alone. Yes…I’ve had my own personal struggles. Not so much “me” but with those I love who are at heightened states of anxiety, depression, and deeper self-isolation on top of the pandemic. And yes, their struggles have had an impact on me, because of my interaction with them, encouraging them, listening, praying....

As the seasons change, we have opportunity for change in our lives as well. We have the blessing of life itself, and therefore we must embrace this gift, and choose this time for nourishment and growth.

I know that for many, this has been a time of sheer survival. Yes, yes…I hear you. And if it’s not you, then it’s someone you love that you’re watching, near or far…struggle with life itself.

I invite you to step into a new space. In business, this is the time that we examine and plan for Q4. This year is winding down, and we want things to end well in our business. In our personal lives, we’re reflecting and planning for resolutions for the new year. We don’t always think about ending well, but rather beginning better.

While I don’t believe, encourage, or support New Year’s Resolutions, I do know that any time is a great time for change and growth, whether it’s in business or in our personal lives. I also know that one impacts the other, so…why not look at Q4 as a way to…shift. This shift can prepare us for new beginnings. Your new beginnings can begin…now.


Today's Awareness

As the seasons change, our moods tend to shift, as well. Some people welcome fall or autumn, while others mourn the end of summer. It's not just seasons changing though — we're changing too. Especially with all we've been through this year, it's critically important to give yourself extra grace during this shift into the next season.

Growth is essential with every stage to enhance your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. With the way this year has been, I offer these Simple Step Solutions that will help you ease from summer to fall in the most positive way. Reflecting on the positives and releasing negativity is always an excellent way to move forward from one season to the next.

Ponder your spring and summer seasons

It's the perfect time to look back over your spring and summer months to reflect. Again, these months have likely been not what you had planned or hoped for, and it's okay to acknowledge how tough that has been. If you journal, use this time to journal out your thoughts and make note of how this year has been so far, how you feel about it, and any shifts you’ve made for coping strategies. Lastly, spend some time journaling how you want things to be different in the upcoming fall months. What do you hope to shift going forward; how do you want to feel; and what will you do to help make these things happen — even if current circumstances continue?

Hover over gratitude

When the change of seasons gets you down, think about the things you are grateful for. Gratitude positively and literally rewires the brain, and it's such a simple action that makes a huge difference. Make a list of those positive things you're grateful for and keep it handy when you feel like you're having a hard day. Making gratitude a daily practice can help ingrain this into your mind daily. I highly recommend making a gratitude list of 5-10 things you're grateful for each day.

Target your shift

It's easy to become more outwardly focused on the many vibes of the summer. Once that ends, and the weather starts turning cooler to crisp, fall forces us to shift and turn inward. When you see this shift, try to ease into it and bring focus and grace from those extroverted seasons into these more introverted ones. This is something great to journal about as well. How might looking deeper IN help you show up better OUT?

Get ready to release negativity

In nature, autumn is where crops are harvested, trees lose leaves, and things come to an end (for a season). It clears the way and provides a bridge for new growth. In your own life, you should view this as a time to clear out negativity. Whatever wasn't serving you well, from old habits and patterns of behavior, to relationships, career and business…let it go and move forward to positive ways of living...forward.



In Conclusion

While any time can be a great time for change, it just seems natural for many that the best time for one’s own evolution is when the seasons change, especially as you ease from summer into fall. Use this seasonal change as inspiration to free up your positivity. Instead of dreading the colder weather, look forward to the beauty of this season to get the most out of your personal growth.

Shift to a Glass Half-Full Perspective.

What could Q4 look like for your life and business?


Ready Resource

I'm more passionate than ever during this season change, to help women who are entrepreneurs or professionals do and BE their best. Life is hard. Business is hard. Work is hard. And most of the time, your focus is on business, and not yourself. Well, not on the wholeness of your life.

Sure, you can fit yourself in here and there, but are you practicing the things that truly feed your body, mind, and spirit? Are the things you're doing daily really helping you with relationships inside and outside of your work? Can you truly set and honor boundaries that are based on your values and beliefs? Are you intentionally being who God created you to be?

Whose life is it, anyway? Not even sure, because who is truly present in the picture of your life?

That's a reality check, my friend.

Believe me I's hard! But what I've discovered (the hard way) doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, if you haven't noticed yet, I'm all about simplicity. 

So to kick off Q4, I'm offering women who fall into this space I just described (or want to avoid it!), my brand new, kickin' and complimentary Positive Practices Bundle. Oh my gosh. It's one of those things I just got carried away with. It started as a DIY, 5-day Challenge. It was an ebook with a process to choose activities you practice over 5 days, and carry forward those things you choose to make a habit in your life. Cool!

But then I thought: Hmmm. How awesome would it be for women to have a tracker, of sorts, to help them with accountability? Sweet! I'll create that!

Yeah, yeah. We women know the value of journaling. Gotta have one of those too! So I created a journal with prompts specific to the challenge material! Get it out of your head, right? BOOM!

So...if you're a women (or know of one) who understands the demands of life and business AND are ready to get back IN the picture of your life...snag your complimentary bundle!

 You can read more about it HERE.



Once you go through the 5-Day Positive Practices'll be set for spending time in and for Q4 with me! Keep an eye out, because your 2020 is about to end on a HIGH note! Do you have to do the Challenge work for that to happen with me? Nope. But you sure will be prepared! Just sayin'.


N Joy!