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Personal Bite:

This year, I'm going to visit family in Missouri for the holiday weekend. It's going to be real easy to get caught up in the food, fun and sun. I know I'll have healthy choices, and I know I'll have less healthy choices. My goal is to make my best choices as much as possible. That means eating the best when I have the best available, and eating the "not-so-much" sometimes because it's a holiday, and I've done good, better, best most of the time.

Make sense?

We're driving, so every stop...I'm moving. I'll pack lunch and snacks that won't put me to sleep, but that will give me energy and substance. Lots of water is key, (plus it guarantees we'll stop and I'll move. Shhh. Don't tell my sister, who's driving!)

Once there, I know I'll be physically active, because I'll take workout clothes and shoes, maybe some tubing (maybe not), and I'll get up early to exercise and energize my days. It will be simple to do activities as much as possible, and stand (or pace) when I can. I won't mind sitting on the floor sometimes, because that means I'll have to get (way) up every now and then. 

We're going to see my nephew play on Friday night (Morris Day and The Time), so there'll be some movin' and groovin', dancing going on. ;)

What I'm saying is....I have a plan. Most will happen organically, but I will be mindful and purposeful as well.

My plan includes more- and less-healthy foods; exercise and physical activities; sitting, standing and getting up and down; staying hydrated, and being careful in the sun. Oh....and I'm going to have FUN and enJOY myself and my family!



Today's Awareness

Each year, on the last Monday of May, we celebrate Memorial Day in the US.  Originally instituted as a day of honoring those who died during the Civil War, it eventually became a day to remember any soldier who died fighting in the United States Armed Forces.

Memorial Day is the perfect time to pause and consider how much we appreciate those men and women who have fought in the pursuit and defense of freedom. It’s a time to remember and appreciate those who have given up their lives for this same cause.  You know, we are so accustomed to living with this freedom in our country, that it’s easy to take it for granted.  It is hard to appreciate it when we don’t know anything different.  Just like a fish who doesn’t realize it is wet (because it has never been anything else but wet), we tend to not realize the magnitude of privilege that is truly ours.

It takes warriors to build a country where freedom is the rule, rather than the exception.  And Memorial Day is a time to honor those warriors who have made our lives of freedom possible.

But we can honor those warriors even more by seeking to emulate them in their courage to fight against destructive forces…by being a warrior in our lives as well.


Warriors Fight

What happens when the enemy is not confronted and defeated?  He wins and the noble cause suffers. Forget that!

What about you?  Are you a warrior?  Do you know what your enemy is? 

In fitness and health, your enemy is the typical, unhealthy lifestyle that nearly everyone around you is living.  And it is deadly for two reasons:

  1. It is hard to recognize.  Just like the water surrounding the fish, the status quo is so normal, so common, that we just live it with very little thought.  Of course there's that donut on the way to work. Of course there is dessert after dinner.  Of course there is sitting, more sitting, and even more sitting all day. Of course there is little to no exercise the recommended six days each week.  Of course the scales tip too high, indicating not just overweight, but overfat. Of course there is stress that is accepted and not dealt with it. Of course relationships are shallow and sometimes toxic. Of course our environment does not support our best. Do we even know what our best is? Isn’t everyone living this way?  Yes, nearly everyone is. 
  2. This lifestyle leads to illness, early disability and death.  If you follow this status quo of diet and a mindless lifestyle, you will be increasingly tired, weak, sick and in pain.  It will not get better; it will get worse with each passing year, finally ending in dependence on others.


What are you waiting for? Get up and fight!

Memorial Day is a perfect day to reflect on your willingness to fight.  Resisting the tide of ‘normal’ unhealthy eating and sedentary-ness is no walk in the park (pun intended).  You’ve got to get up (maybe again), press in and fight like a warrior.  Be your best self with your best in everything you do. It isn’t easy and it isn’t always fun.  Believe me...I know. But the resulting energy, vitality, strength and mental clarity that will be your new ‘normal’ way of life will be worth every bit of effort and sweat you put into it. Yeah, there's sweat involved.

Plus, I can't tell you the feeling you'll have when you know that you know that you're doing your (almost) very best in (almost) everything. We're talking excellence here, not perfection, Deni.

I’m behind you.  I help create warriors here! I am a transformation specialist, facilitator of change, helper of the JOY of others!  Join me to learn how to set your lifestyle on a new course.  Forget the past—leave it there in the past.  It doesn’t matter what your track record is with fitness, your health or your lifestyle.  Let’s focus on your future now.  And with me, your future looks great…oh great warrior!



Ready Resources

One of my clients (and VERY dear friends), gifted me with a book recently, "Adventures in Prayer, A 40-Day Journey" by Mary Jo Pierce. I know Mary Jo personally. She and my friend both go to my church. (I smiled as I wrote that. My church. Like it's not theirs. Okay...we go to the same church. LOL) Anyway! Speaking of warriors...Mary Jo is a prayer warrior!

Mary Jo's book is available on Amazon, so if you get a chance to pick it

If you haven't gotten my Healthy New Year gift ebook: New Year, New You, it comes down the end of this month, so grab that now before it's gone.

Action steps are the beginning of new habits. New habits are the beginning of change. Change is the only thing that will get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.


Yesterday, we started our Mindset Reset program. You know, everything I just talked about takes a shift in your thought process. I'm just going to say, that if you missed registration, I've opened it back up for today only, so if you want to have more JOY in your life, you need to have a Mindset Reset. Register HERE...NOW. Why would I open it up again...for just a day? Because I don't want you to miss out. Period. But I need you to act now, if you haven't already. (Hey! Invite a friend to join in too!)

I'm SO excited to announce that beginning in June, I will be offering exercise programs that coincide with my nutrition coaching! This is totally a one-two punch for your best lifestyle. You can do just the nutrition and lifestyle coaching OR nutrition and fitness lifestyle coaching. Both are 12-month programs to bring you to a level you don't want to miss. I'll send you more information next week, so be on the look out for that. Okay? Until then...


N Joy!


P.S. Remember our warriors. Have a blessed and safe Memorial Day, Deni. Make your plan, then do it. ;)