Personal Note

Well, here we are. Q4. Winding down the year, and looking forward to the next.

It's been quite the year for me. I've experienced some big losses of people I love, and yet, my business is doing great, and my clients, for the most part, are flourishing! My spiritual life has been challenged by the lockdown, and all of the social and political mayhem, but my spirit has not been broken. I have not been broken. I celebrate life, and am SO very grateful for it. And I want you to know that I am grateful for you.

And to top it all hubby and I just celebrated 41...FORTY-ONE...years of marriage! What? I know! Thank you. Thank you very much.


Today's Awareness

Today's Awareness is about self-care, and being grateful for you, I want YOU to take care of YOU. Sound good?  

How are you doing? No really. How are things going with your health, your well-being, your business and relationships? How is your spirituality keeping you present, grateful, and hopeful?

These are big questions to consider, not ignore. 

2020 has been SO different than most years, for most. It's been hard. A challenge. For some it's been devistating, and others, it's just been there. No biggie. And in the scope of all.the.things it's critical that you take care of you. And by that I mean, take care of the whole of who you are.

While the topic of self-care never goes away, it’s usually misunderstood. Typically, it is referred to attributively. “Binge-watching Netflix will be my self-care this weekend.” “Spa time with my girlfriends is my self-care.”

I challenge you to stretch your definition and your perspective today, as we explore a broader approach to self-care. We’ll also look at another concept: Changing with the seasons.

First, I want to share with you the Four Components of Self-Care, to help broaden your horizon of understanding, need and freedom for self-care in your life.




  • You must develop a practice that exercises and cares for your mind and spirit: Scriptures, sequences, and senses.


  • It’s important to develop a practice that stimulates your thought process about yourself and others: Mindfulness, mentoring, meaningful journaling.


  • Developing a practice that gets your juices flowing and stimulates an emotional response is also important: Exercising gratitude, expressing forgiveness, experiencing the power of “no.”


  • And of course there’s the power of taking physical care: Movement, meals, and medical maintenance checks.

Building your routine from all Four Components of Self-Care, is a broader, more effective way to care for yourself. When you intentionally choose to practice things that care for the whole of you, the rewards will be expressed in all areas of your life. It’s that simple!

Self-care is something you should participate in, at some level, every day, year-round. Add to that, there is no reason why you can’t switch up your routine, especially when the seasons change. If you think about it, it just seems natural.

Here are a few insights to consider when you customize your self-care routine depending on the time of year.

  • You want it to be a blessing not a burden, to fit into what’s going on during that time of year.
  • Remember why you need it, and keep you in the forefront of your life so you can flow with the seasonal projects at your best.
  • Consider what you’re currently doing about it, and keep the changes small to continue the flow.
  • Continually uncover and release any barriers you have to experiencing intentional self-care from one season to the next. Let. Go.
  • Acknowledge the shifts to make it happen FOR you, and THROUGH you so you can always enjoy the time of year, and the times of your life.

Alright, let’s dig into why self-are can change with the season, and how you can move fully into Q4 for YOU.


The Weather Changes

The first reason you might want to switch around your self-care routine in the fall is due to the weather changes. In the summer, it was hot, so you may have had activities related to the hotter weather, like sitting outside on your patio in the morning when the weather was warm, and enjoying a glass of iced lemonade while reading your devotional.

In the fall, the weather starts getting cooler, so mornings might be a bit chilly, and instead you want to bundle up on the sofa, or switch your self-care routine to the evenings instead. Or, if you enjoy being out in the cooler weather, you’ll dress differently, your drink may be hot, and the way you see the world may have more…color. Journaling through the lens of color is amazing.

You Might Prefer Other Activities

You may find that during this time of year, other activities are more suited to your self-care routine. Perhaps you did swimming or yoga over the summer, but for the fall you want to go on more hikes or have evening strolls with the family. Maybe you want to enjoy a hot mug of cocoa in the evening while writing in your journal, or creating seasonal cards with your kids.

Consider Quarterly Goals and Intentions

Fall is a great time to evaluate where you can heighten the goals or intentions you may have set to care for yourself, and rather than drop them…be present with them. If you use a planner or journal, take a look at what your summer intentions were, express gratitude for what you did and received. Then, with the year being more than half over by this point, also consider some end-of-year intentions that might switch up what your self-care routine looks like to help you continue to carry this through. Also consider who you haven’t reached out to, but truly want to. Yeah. Do that.



You Can Add in Fall Superfoods

The physical component is what’s typically considered in self-care. But that doesn’t mean going on a crash diet or only eating salmon and kale. There are a lot of delicious superfoods that are loaded with vitamins and minerals, and are fun to enjoy during the fall. Some common fall superfoods include butternut squash, pumpkin, apples, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. Add these to your meals, and you will have a boost of health.

See my resource gift below for ideas to top off salads that’s personal for you. Top off this season of self-care with something…fresh!


In Conclusion

Yes, the topic of self-care never goes away. And yes, it’s usually misunderstood. But you, now have a broader perspective, and a deeper understanding of how self-care really not just takes care of you, but the results show up in every area of your life. If there is an area of your life that is struggling right now, or you're feeling "less than" in being present, review the Four Components of Self-Care. Update your plan. Freshen it with the change of the seasons. Live your life...fully.

Ready Resource

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N Joy!