Personal Bite:

As I was typing this newsletter, my knees were still shaking! About two hours prior, I had dropped off my husband after lunch, and was on my way to run an errand. The road I was on has 6 lanes, 3 going each direction, and a center turn lane.

I had just changed lanes, into the inside lane, and was about 2 car lengths from the car in front of me...and the rest happened in slow motion, just like a movie. A passenger van across the street pulled out into the center lane to go the same direction as me, and at the same time, an SUV coming toward me in the inside lane on the other side, pulled into that SAME turn lane.


The passenger van hit the SUV...and it spun around then rolled toward me. And rolled. I'm thinking the next roll will be in my lane, so I swerved (just like the car in front of me) into the center turn lane. The SUV stopped rolling in the turn lane...right in front of us!

Oh my gosh! Like...RIGHT in front of us!

The guy in the car in front of me jumped out of his car and ran to the SUV, where the entire windshield and all of the windows (that I could see), were absolutely shattered onto the ground.

I grabbed my phone to dial 911, thinking...I wanted to get to the outside lane to clear the center lane for emergency vehicles, and...see if those in the passenger van were okay. It was a Memory Care passenger van, pulling out from the Memory Care facility. My heart sank. I knew the lines were flooded with 911 calls...I chose to move my car.

Blinkers on...I had to get to the outside lane just a few yards up to see who was driving, what was happening, if there were any passengers from the facility!

I finally got all the way over, turned on my hazard blinkers, and...started to open my door. NO! Cars were passing...slowly...but passing. It wasn't safe!

Is everyone OKAY!!!?

I could then see that the passenger van's driver was on the phone. And NOBODY was approaching that van from Memory Care! I looked back, and the people had climbed out of the windshield (yes, you read that right) of the SUV, obviously very shaken. But the guy from the car in front of me was acting like he was going to climb in. Was someone trapped?

I looked at the passenger van again. It was then that I saw an elderly person, she looked like she was sitting on the floor just inside of the door of the van. Was she OKAY?? NOBODY WAS APPROACHING THAT VAN!

Again, I started to open my door. No way.

Where were the police and fire departments? They're not that far away!

Then I saw someone from the SUV's direction, walking toward the passenger van. Finally! When they opened the door, I saw that I was right...there was an elderly lady just sitting there on the floor. Were there more passengers? That's when it hit me. What were they....thinking?

You see, my first husband has Alzheimer's and has progressed SO much since I visited last year. And I thought about him, and what if he were in that passenger van...what would he be thinking? So confused. Afraid. Agitated. What about the people in that van? The age doesn't matter, but the quality of the mind does.

What was I feeling right then? That's when I noticed legs were shaking and felt weak. That it could have been a 4-car accident! Thank you Lord, for your protection and care of everyone involved!

Once I gathered myself and settled down (or so I thought), I put my signal on to get into the center lane and just go home. the time I could get out, I would have had to swerve back to the right to turn into my neighborhood. No.

I'm going to run my errand.

What happened next, I won't go into the details of, but let's just say that FINALLY, the emergency team was coming. And then another. And another. Then came the police car. I could hear another siren, but didn't see the vehicle until I approached the left turn lane at the railroad tracks. There it was. Siren blaring...horn honking...inching out into the outside lane. Coming toward me, in the center lane on THAT side...was a car, AND a motorcycle! They were coming at the 45mph (I'm guessing) speed limit! Did they NOT HEAR THE EMERGENCY VEHICLE SIGNALS?? Nobody else was moving!

Obviously, and thankfully, the emergency team...saw and yielded to both of them. That's backwards. Oh my gosh. That could have been another accident! That would have been on the railroad tracks!

I felt the moisture on my cheeks. I was crying. Another police car whizzed by. Was the accident worse than I thought? What about the people in the van?

As I turned left on the green first husband came to mind again. I thought about his wife, their daughter...our son. What if he and other patients had been in that accident. Just the amount of confusion and possible injury...was overwhelming to me. I turned right,  into a neighborhood, pulled into someone's driveway and started to cry. What was this emotion about?

I had to go home.

Turning the car around, I heard another siren! I didn't see it though. Just as I turned back onto the street, here it came...ANOTHER ambulance...or firetruck...I don't even remember. Lights. Sirens. Horn. Everything blaring. It was coming in the direction I was turning into. At the light, I got in the right turn lane to turn, cross the tracks, knowing I could stay in the outside lane, stop, and put my flashers on...again.

Just as I put my flashers on, it sped by me...SO LOUD! SO FAST! 

I hate to even admit it, but my next thought was to go back to the scene of the accident. After all, from this direction, it was only a mile, and just past my neighborhood entrance, so I could see it before I turned in. 

As I made my way over to the inside lane and got to the top of the hill...there were SO MANY LIGHTS! I pulled into my neighborhood and drove very slowly...praying for everyone involved. Trusting that all would be okay. Thankful. So very thankful, that the SUV didn't more time.

Today's Awareness

When I got home, I told my daughter, who was at the top of the stairs to say 'Hi' when I came in the front door, "I just saw a really bad accident." I don't think she even heard me. I just kept walking.

As I tried to process everything that just happened, all I could think about


Rest. I just walked around the house, knees shaking.

I had had a pretty full morning with clients and a mentoring meeting with some emotions...very productive with great outcomes, a showing at my house (which is for sale), and a nice lunch with my hubby.

So I felt that maybe, just maybe, the reason I was so emotional was because I Emotional. Physical. Spiritual. Relational. Who knows! LOL

I then felt led to look back through my podcasts, and there it was. An episode called, "Rest?"

And so I offer it to you. It's a 2-part listen, about 8-minutes total, of me sharing Who might just need it too.

Listen in here to "Rest?"



Ready Resources

I'd love to have you subscribe to my podcast, ChatZ From the Bridge. It's a time that we pull away from life to! I share tips, interviews, and insights. In addition, I am currently sharing a devotional written by a good friend of mine, Jane Samuel. You'll want to catch that daily.


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Action steps are the beginning of new habits. New habits are the beginning of change. Change is the only thing that will get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.


N Joy!


P.S. I hope you don't think this was a sales newsletter. Quite the opposite. It's a newsletter to encourage you around the importance of life, living, yourself AND others.